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  1. Philips PerfectCare Expert GC9222

    Philips PerfectCare Expert GC9222

    Price as reviewed £240.00
    14 Apr 2015
    Our rating:

    This steam generator iron boasts some great features, including simple controls and a smart temperature setting.

  2. Philips Azur Performer

    Philips Azur Performer

    Price as reviewed £80.00
    12 Feb 2015
    Our rating:

    A good iron but with mediocre steam performance for the price

  3. Philips GC8520

    Philips GC8520

    Price as reviewed £209.00
    21 Aug 2012

    With a 1.6 litre water tank located in the iron's base unit, the Philips GC8520 features a specially pointed ironing tip for tackling hard to reach areas.

  4. Philips GC2810

    Philips GC2810

    Price as reviewed £28.00
    21 Aug 2012

    An inexpensive iron that is sure to impress the Philips GC2810 features 2000W of power and a scratch resistant ironing plate for a smooth finish.

  5. Philips GC3640

    Philips GC3640

    Price as reviewed £43.00
    17 Aug 2012

    An energy efficient iron, the Philips GC3640 features integrated limescale prevention technology and a 3m long power cord for improved ease of use.

  6. Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron

    Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron

    Price as reviewed £56.00
    16 Aug 2012

    Capable of producing 50g of steam per minute, the Philips GC4850/02 Azur Iron is extremely powerful despite being a bit weighty.

  7. Philips GC7420/02

    Philips GC7420/02

    Price as reviewed £115.00
    15 Aug 2012

    A powerful, lightweight iron, the Philips GC7420/02 features a scratch resistant plate and impressive steam functions.

  8. Philips GC3620

    Philips GC3620

    Price as reviewed £50.00
    7 Aug 2012

    The Philips GC3620 iron has a 360 degree swivel cord for easy of use and vertical steam functions.

  9. Philips GC4890/02

    Philips GC4890/02

    Price as reviewed £55.00
    7 Aug 2012

    The Philips GC4890/02 pairs a surprisingly stylish design with strong, powerful performances and a scratch resistant plate.

  10. Philips Azur GC4870/02

    Philips Azur GC4870/02

    Price as reviewed £74.00
    7 Aug 2012

    The Philips Azur GC4870/02 iron features a raft of technically advanced features including Ionic Deepsteam functionality and a SteamGlide PLUS soleplate.