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  1. Pentax K-7 Digital SLR

    Pentax K-7 Digital SLR

    Is the new K-7 Pentax's best digital SLR so far?

  2. Pentax Optio W60

    Pentax Optio W60

    We test Pentax's latest waterproof compact camera.

  3. Pentax K20D Digital SLR

    Pentax K20D Digital SLR

    This is the most powerful semi-pro DSLR in the world, and will blow your head clean off.

  4. Pentax K10D Digital SLR

    Pentax K10D Digital SLR

    Pentax's top digital SLR gets the TR treatment at last

  5. Pentax Optio A30

    Pentax Optio A30

    Is this the camera that can put Pentax back at the top?

  6. Pentax K100D Digital SLR

    Pentax K100D Digital SLR

    Pentax updates its DSLR range and thankfully comes up with a new name in the process.

  7. Pentax Optio S6

    Pentax Optio S6

    Pentax has updated its slim and stylish pocket camera once more, but does the Optio S6 bring enough new features to the table?

  8. Pentax Optio SVi - Digital Camera

    Pentax Optio SVi - Digital Camera

    Cliff Smith thinks that the Pentax Optio SVi is a winner, just like the original Optio SV before it.

  9. Pentax Optio S5n

    Pentax Optio S5n

    Pentax definitely knows how to build a decent compact digital camera and the Optio S5n is no exception.

  10. Pentax *ist DS - Digital SLR

    Pentax *ist DS - Digital SLR

    The budget end of the digital SLR market is hotting up and Pentax is right in the thick of it with a strong contender - the *ist DS.

  11. Pentax Optio WP - Waterproof Digital Camera

    Pentax Optio WP - Waterproof Digital Camera

    Surely it's not? It doesn't look like it is? That's the response Jay Werfalli got when he dropped this five megapixel camera into his friend's fish tank.

  12. Pentax Optio SV - Digital Camera

    Pentax Optio SV - Digital Camera

    Pentax has managed to squeeze a 5x optical zoom into a very compact digital camera. The Optio SV looks set to take the compact digital camera market by storm.

  13. Pentax K-S2 19

    Pentax K-S2

    The smallest weatherproof DSLR around

  14. Pentax K-3

    Pentax K-3

    The K-3 more than punches its weight versus its Nikon and Canon rivals

  15. Pentax K-5 II 5

    Pentax K-5 II

    Pentax's new flagship DSLR only delivers minor improvements over its predecessor but is still a solid effort.