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  1. Optoma HD33

    Optoma ThemeScene HD33

    With a price tag of just £1,249, the ThemeScene HD33 is far and away the cheapest active, full HD projector ever. Surely it can’t also be any good, right?

  2. Optoma ThemeScene HD20 DLP Projector

    Optoma ThemeScene HD20 DLP Projector

    The Optoma HD20 DLP projector opens the big screen home cinema door to a whole new budget market.

  3. Optoma ThemeScene HD82

    Optoma ThemeScene HD82

    Optoma's latest cinema projector has been a long time coming. Has it been worth the wait?

  4. Optoma H183X

    Optoma H183X

    Big-screen Euro 2016 action for just £300

  5. Optoma ML750ST
  6. Optoma HD28DSE
  7. Optoma HD91+

    Optoma HD91 Plus

    This is a significant upgrade to Optoma's already popular HD91 LED home-cinema projector

  8. Optoma HD36

    Optoma HD36

    An impressively flexible home entertainment projector for surprisingly little money

  9. Optoma HD26
  10. Optoma HD50

    Optoma HD50

    A basically very good home cinema projector with a couple of flaws

  11. Optoma ML1000

    Optoma ML1000

    A high-spec ultra-portable projector with a focus on brightness

  12. Optoma HD91

    Optoma HD91

    LED home cinema projection finally becomes affordable.

  13. Optoma HD25

    Optoma HD25

    This talented 2D & 3D projector represents good value at £800.

  14. Optoma PK301+

    Optoma PK301+

    Optoma's latest pocket projector is fun and solid value.

  15. Optoma HD83

    Optoma ThemeScene HD83 Mk2

    Optoma has revamped its HD83 3D projector. But is it really any different?