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Find reviews of the best Nokia mobile phones.

  1. Nokia E71

    Nokia E71

    Nokia's E71 smartphone has a lovely chassis packed with pretty much everything you could want. Awesome!

  2. Nokia Lumia 620

    Nokia Lumia 620

    The best reason not to buy a budget Android phone.

  3. Nokia C3

    Nokia C3

    With a full qwerty keyboard and great design this phone offers more than we'd ever expect for under £100.

  4. Nokia E75

    Nokia E75

    The Nokia E75 is the company's first attempt at a messaging phone with a slide out keyboard. Has it the same magic as previous E series handsets?

  5. Nokia N85

    Nokia N85

    Can the N85 make up for the failings of the lacklustre N96? Niall takes it for a spin to find out.

  6. Nokia E51

    Nokia E51

    Our third Nokia mobile phone review in as many weeks sees the E51 get the once-over. Third time lucky?

  7. Nokia 6120 classic

    Nokia 6120 classic

    If you want a real smartphone in a lightweight ordinary shape, this is the phone for you.

  8. Nokia 6300

    Nokia 6300

    Is the Nokia 6300 the perfect mid-range mobile?

  9. Nokia E61

    Nokia E61

    RIM may have just launched the best BlackBerry ever, but Nokia is up for a fight.

  10. Nokia Lumia 930

    Nokia Lumia 930

    Nokia delivers its best Windows Phone yet

  11. Nokia Lumia 830

    Nokia Lumia 830

    Great low light photos set this phone apart

  12. Nokia Lumia 735

    Nokia Lumia 735

    A good mid-range 4G phone and a selfie specialist

  13. Nokia Lumia 1520

    Nokia Lumia 1520

    The best Windows Phone yet

  14. Nokia Lumia 520

    Nokia Lumia 520

    The cheapest Nokia Windows Phone 8 mobile to date. A top bargain.

  15. Nokia Lumia 925

    Nokia Lumia 925

    The Lumia 920 gets a slimmer body and a metal frame.