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Find reviews of the best Motorola mobile phones.

  1. Motorola Defy

    Motorola Defy

    A water-resistant and semi-rugged smartphone that's actually nice to use!

  2. Motorola Milestone

    Motorola Milestone

    With an 854 x 480 3.7in capacitive multitouch screen, hardware keyboard and Android 2.0, this is Motorola's best handset yet.

  3. Motorola Razr HD

    Motorola Razr HD

    Motorola's Razr HD looks sharp thanks to its Kevlar armour and impresses with its long battery life.

  4. Motorola RAZR i

    Motorola RAZR i

    The Motorola RAZR i is one seriously impressive mid-range phone.

  5. Motorola Droid RAZR XT910

    Motorola Droid RAZR XT910

    The RAZR brand is back and this time it's better than ever… and thinner too.

  6. Motorola Defy+

    Motorola Defy+

    One of our favourite phones of last year is back with a performance upgrade. Can this semi-rugged blower still hold its own a year on?

  7. Motorola Atrix

    Motorola Atrix

    The most powerful smartphone… in the world.

  8. Motorola Milestone XT720

    Motorola Milestone XT720

    This camera-centric smartphone is a bit long in the tooth but still worth considering.

  9. Motorola Dext

    Motorola Dext

    Motorola has gone gaga for Android and social networking with the Dext. Niall checks it out.

  10. Motorola Motoluxe

    Motorola Motoluxe

    With a 4in screen and 8MP camera this is a surprisingly capable budget Android smartphone.

  11. Motorola Pro+ MB632

    Motorola Pro+ MB632

    Motorola's Pro+ marries a portrait screen with full QWERTY keyboard. Does this make it the best Android messenger phone yet?

  12. Motorola Motosmart

    Motorola Motosmart

    Motorola's MotoSmart may be cheap, but it struggles against similarly priced competitors.