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Best Microsoft Software

Best Microsoft Software.

  1. Office for Mac 2011

    Office for Mac 2011

    Office for Mac 2011 proves itself every bit a worthy Mac-based counterpart to Office 2010.

  2. Microsoft Office 2010

    Microsoft Office 2010

    We delve into the latest iteration of the Microsoft's all-conquering productivity suite. Is it a must-buy or best avoided?

  3. Microsoft Windows 7

    Microsoft Windows 7

    It's time to nail the colours to the mast. Is Windows 7 any good? Read on to find out!

  4. Microsoft Office For Mac 2008

    Microsoft Office For Mac 2008

    Last year saw the refresh of Office for Windows PCs and now it's the turn of the Macs. Can Microsoft offer a decent rival to iWork or will it fall by the wayside?

  5. Windows Vista

    Windows Vista

    Windows Vista has finally arrived. Has it been worth the wait?

  6. Windows 10

    Windows 10

    Our verdict on the Creators update

  7. Windows 8 Modern UI

    Microsoft Windows 8.1

    A major step forward for the embattled OS

  8. Windows 8 16

    Microsoft Windows 8

    The X86 version of Microsoft's new OS for your PC, laptop/netbook and non-ARM tablet.

  9. Microsoft Expression Web

    Microsoft Expression Web

    FrontPage is banished to the back page as Expression Web takes on Dreamweaver.

  10. Microsoft Autoroute 2006 - GPS Edition

    Microsoft Autoroute 2006 - GPS Edition

    With a bit of GPS functionality thrown in, Autoroute finds itself up to date.

  11. Windows 10 mobile

    Windows 10 Mobile

    Microsoft's mobile OS moves in the right direction but still needs work

  12. Office 2016

    Office 2016

    Microsoft pushes collaborative working with its latest version of Office

  13. Microsoft Office Professional 2007

    Microsoft Office Professional 2007

    Been holding off on that Office upgrade? We see if it's worth laying down the cash.

  14. Microsoft Autoroute 2007 with GPS Locator

    Microsoft Autoroute 2007 with GPS Locator

    It used to be king of the road-maps, but can Microsoft's GPS version of AutoRoute compete with online mapping and dedicated in-car sat-nav?

  15. Microsoft Arrow Launcher