1. LG LAB550W

    LG LAB550W

    Discover why LG’s soundbase with built-in Blu-ray is a killer combination

  2. LG BH9540TW

    LG BH9540TW

    A pricey but impressive all-in-one home cinema system

  3. LG BH9430PW

    LG BH9430PW

    LG’s 9.1 system delivers exhaustive features and thrilling performance

  4. LG NB4530A

    LG NB4530A

    LG’s super-slim soundbar is a class act in every way

  5. LG BH9520TW

    LG BH9520TW

    Features galore from LG’s impressive 3D sound system.

  6. LG BB5521A

    LG BB5521A

    LG’s superb soundbar marries potent sound with killer features.

  7. LG BH5320F

    LG BH5320F

    LG’s trendy 2.1 system has substance and style in equal measure.

  8. LG HB965TZ

    LG HB965TZ

    If you're after a good value Blu-ray system with plenty of flair, this could be it.

  9. LG HLB54S Blu-ray Soundbar

    LG HLB54S Blu-ray Soundbar

    If you can afford the high price, the LG HLB54S should prove worth it.

  10. LG BD390 Blu-ray Player

    LG BD390 Blu-ray Player

    The LG BD390 is more than just a fantastic Blu-ray player. Danny explains why.

  11. LG HB954PB 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

    LG HB954PB 5.1 Blu-ray Home Cinema System

    The HB954PB is yet another top-quality 5.1-channel Blu-ray system from the LG stable.

  12. LG HB354BS 2.1-Channel Blu-ray System

    LG HB354BS 2.1-Channel Blu-ray System

    The LG HB354BS is a great all-in-one Blu-ray system for anyone that doesn't want or need full 5.1-channel surround.

  13. LG BD370 Blu-ray Player

    LG BD370 Blu-ray Player

    The LG BD370 Blu-ray player gets the once over from Danny in its first UK test and full review.

  14. LG HT953TV Home Cinema System

    LG HT953TV Home Cinema System

    It's big, sounds impressive and looks good. What more could you want from an all-in-one DVD home cinema system?

  15. LG SJ8

    LG SJ8

    LG's soundbar is supermodel slim but how does its sound measure up?