1. LG BP645

    LG BP645

    Price as reviewed £99.99
    20 Jun 2014
    Our rating:

    Spotify and Now TV head up this budget Blu-ray deck’s fabulous feature list

  2. LG BP550

    LG BP550

    Price as reviewed £99.99
    14 Jul 2015
    Our rating:

    A terrific budget Blu-ray spinner with Spotify, Now TV and multiroom support

    Best price
  3. LG BP740

    LG BP740

    Price as reviewed £199.99
    22 Aug 2014
    Our rating:

    The price isn’t right for LG’s flagship Blu-ray deck

  4. LG BP420

    LG BP420

    Price as reviewed £109.95
    14 Jun 2012
    Our rating:

    A Blu-ray player that offers good playback quality and great Smart TV apps at a budget price.

  5. LG BP620

    LG BP620

    Price as reviewed £129.99
    17 May 2012
    Our rating:

    LG's BP620 3D Blu-ray player offers tons of features for a modest price.

  6. LG BD670

    LG BD670

    Price as reviewed £141.01
    27 Sep 2011
    Our rating:

    We check out LG’s latest Blu-ray deck, a 3D-ready model with wireless media streaming and excellent web content.

  7. LG HLX56S

    LG HLX56S

    Price as reviewed £345.00
    5 Aug 2011
    Our rating:

    LG’s HLX56S packs a 3D Blu-ray player and 4.1 sound system into a single soundbar, and throws in a wireless sub for good measure

  8. LG BD570

    LG BD570

    Price as reviewed £171.56
    30 Jul 2010
    Our rating:

    A fully-loaded Blu-ray player with streaming functionality and extensive format support.

  9. LG BD300 Blu-ray Player

    LG BD300 Blu-ray Player

    Price as reviewed £244.67
    17 Jan 2009
    Our rating:

    LG's BD300 Blu-ray player is certainly feature-rich for the money, but what's it like in action?

  10. LG BX580

    LG BX580

    Price as reviewed £253.25
    15 Sep 2010
    Our rating:

    With a lower price tag than its 3D player rivals, can LG tempt you with this Blu-ray deck?

  11. LG DVX440 DVD Player

    LG DVX440 DVD Player

    Price as reviewed £26.97
    18 Sep 2009
    Our rating:

    The LG DVX440 is a good-looking DVD player with reasonable playback quality - for under £30!