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  1. Kyocera ECOSYS M2030dn

    Kyocera ECOSYS M2030dn

    Price as reviewed £307.00
    31 Mar 2014
    Our rating:

    An all-singing, all-dancing all-in-one, with duplex facilities and convenient extras.

  2. Kyocera Mita FS-C5150DN

    Kyocera Mita FS-C5150DN

    Price as reviewed £210.00
    27 Nov 2012
    Our rating:

    There’s very little to dislike about Kyocera Mita’s FS-C5150DN colour laser. It has the speed and feature set of a much more expensive machine.

  3. Kyocera Mita FS-1128MFP - Mono Laser MFP Printer

    Kyocera Mita FS-1128MFP - Mono Laser MFP Printer

    Price as reviewed £487.67
    20 Dec 2009
    Our rating:

    This laser multifunction puts a particular emphasis on photocopying.

  4. Kyocera Mita FS-C5400DN

    Kyocera Mita FS-C5400DN

    Price as reviewed £978.42
    1 Aug 2009
    Our rating:

    A £1,000 colour laser printer, the Kyocera Mita FS-C5400DN is very much intended for large workgroups, but it does a damn good job.

  5. Kyocera Mita FS-C5025N

    Kyocera Mita FS-C5025N

    Price as reviewed £627.44
    13 May 2007
    Our rating:

    High quality colour laser prints, green credentials and low running costs - does the FS-C5025N let you have it all?

  6. Kyocera Mita FS-1030D

    Kyocera Mita FS-1030D

    Price as reviewed £200.00
    4 Mar 2006
    Our rating:

    Kyocera once again proves that it knows how to make personal laser printers.

  7. Kyocera Mita FS-C5030N Colour Laser

    Kyocera Mita FS-C5030N Colour Laser

    Price as reviewed £1,160.00
    22 Jul 2005
    Our rating:

    With colour lasers down to rock bottom prices, Kyocera Mita's FS-C5030N seems expensive. Simon Williams puts it through its paces and discovers that it's a fine choice for the larger office.

  8. Kyocera FS-2100DN

    Kyocera FS-2100DN

    Price as reviewed £288.00
    16 Apr 2015
    Our rating:

    A flexible workgroup printer that's expandable for growing businesses

  9. Kyocera ECOSYS P6021cdn

    Kyocera ECOSYS P6021cdn

    Price as reviewed £342.00
    2 Apr 2014
    Our rating:

    A very expandable workgroup duplex colour laser

  10. Kyocera Mita FS-1035MFP

    Kyocera Mita FS-1035MFP

    Price as reviewed £481.00
    15 Jan 2012
    Our rating:

    Kyocera Mita’s FS-1035MFP is a fast, economical mono laser multifunction with full duplex print, scan and copy. So what if it costs £500?

  11. Kyocera Mita FS-3540MFP

    Kyocera Mita FS-3540MFP

    Price as reviewed £1,040.00
    18 Sep 2011
    Our rating:

    The Kyocera Mita FS-3540MFP is a high-speed multifunction with extremely low running costs. Does this warrant its high purchase price, though?

  12. Kyocera Mita FS-C5250DN

    Kyocera Mita FS-C5250DN

    Price as reviewed £462.00
    25 Feb 2011
    Our rating:

    A fast, heavyweight, workgroup colour laser, with plenty of potential to grow as the office gets busier.

  13. Kyocera Mita FS-1320D

    Kyocera Mita FS-1320D

    Price as reviewed £170.36
    21 Nov 2010
    Our rating:

    A good, mono laser workhorse for the office with excellent expandability and low running costs.

  14. Kyocera Mita FS-1370

    Kyocera Mita FS-1370

    Price as reviewed £204.10
    21 Sep 2010
    Our rating:

    A good, general-purpose mono laser for the small workgroup, with better than average speed and much better running costs.