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Find reviews of the best HTC mobile phones.

  1. ham 19

    HTC U11

    A phone you squeeze

  2. HTC One M9

    HTC One M9

    Should you upgrade to HTC One M9 this year? Here's our verdict

  3. HTC Desire EYE

    HTC Desire EYE

    The perfect phone for the selfie generation

  4. HTC Desire 500

    HTC Desire 500

    VIDEO REVIEW: A very capable mid-range Android smartphone with a Nexus 5 shaped problem

  5. HTC One Mini

    HTC One Mini

    Is this the 4.3-inch device to rule them all?

  6. HTC One XL

    HTC One XL

    Can HTC's One XL rival Samsung's Galaxy SIII LTE for the 4G crown?

  7. HTC 8S

    HTC 8S

    An affordable way to get on board the Windows Phone 8 train.

  8. HTC Desire X

    HTC Desire X

    A mid-range Android phone for those who can't quite afford an HTC One X.

  9. HTC One S

    HTC One S

    Fast and stylish, the One S should be a winner. But a few slipups dent its appeal.

  10. Sensation XE 4

    HTC Sensation XE

    Dr. Dre has made his way onto mobiles with this latest Beats tie-in.

  11. HTC Radar C110E

    HTC Radar C110E

    If HTC's Titan was too brutish for you, but you still like the idea of Windows Phone 7 handset, then the regular sized Radar might be more up your street.

  12. HTC Titan

    HTC Titan

    Does the Titan clash with our mobile phone experts? Or is it a Kraken phone? That's enough puns…

  13. HTC Evo 3D mobile phone

    HTC Evo 3D

    The phone for the person who truly wants it all. 3D camera, 3D screen, dual-core processor - the Evo 3D has the lot.

  14. HTC Sensation

    HTC Sensation

    Can HTC's latest flagship take on the rest of the superphone brigade?

  15. HTC Desire S

    HTC Desire S

    The direct replacement for last years barnstorming HTC Desire, can the Desire S live up to expectations?