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  1. HP Deskjet 1510

    HP Deskjet 1510

    An entry-level inkjet all-in-one at a knock-down price

  2. HP Envy 4500

    HP Envy 4500

    From being HP’s premium marque, the Envy series moves to the entry level with this high-value, low-cost all-in-one, geared particularly to mobile print.

  3. HP Photosmart 5510

    HP Photosmart 5510

    The HP Photosmart 5510 is an excellent starter printer, with the three, key all-in-one functions: print, copy and scan built into a neat, functionally designed case.

  4. HP Deskjet 1050

    HP Deskjet 1050

    Can you really get a functional all-in-one printer for £30? It's sitting here on our test bench, so the answer appears to be 'yes'.

  5. HP Deskjet 1000

    HP Deskjet 1000

    Can you get a quality inkjet printer for as little as £30? HP would say its Deskjet 1000 fits the bill.

  6. HP Deskjet D1660

    HP Deskjet D1660

    Prepare to be astounded by the quality and affordability of this inkjet printer. No, really. Be prepared!

  7. HP Photosmart C4480 - Inkjet All-in-One

    HP Photosmart C4480 - Inkjet All-in-One

    This colour inkjet all-in-one is a bargain at less than £50.

  8. HP Photosmart C4280 All-in-One

    HP Photosmart C4280 All-in-One

    An HP all-in-one with colour screen, at an incredible price - too good to be true? Simon finds out.

  9. HP Officejet 3830

    HP Officejet 3830

    One of the cheapest-to-run printers you can buy

  10. HP Deskjet 2540

    HP Deskjet 2540

    HP’s Deskjet 2540 is aimed at phone and tablet owners who want to print easily.

  11. HP Deskjet 1050A

    HP Deskjet 1050A

    HP’s Deskjet 1050A is a basic all-in-one at an entry-level price.

  12. HP Deskjet 3050A

    HP Deskjet 3050A

    HP’s £30 Deskjet 3050A is a real bargain of an all-in-one.

  13. HP Deskjet F4580 front angle

    HP Deskjet F4580 - Wireless All-In-One Inkjet Printer

    If the single-function HP Deskjet D5560 looked like good value, the Deskjet F4580 all-in-one looks like excellent value.

  14. HP Officejet 2620

    HP Officejet 2620

    A budget all-in-one with all the basics in an easy-to-use unit

  15. HP Deskjet 2510

    HP Deskjet 2510

    HP’s Deskjet 2510 is a simple but effective budget all-in-one.