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Find reviews of the best Dell laptops.

  1. Dell Inspiron 9100 - Gaming Notebook

    Dell Inspiron 9100 - Gaming Notebook

    Dell is first out of the gate with the latest ATI mobile graphics solution, and the result is a blisteringly fast mobile gaming machine.

  2. Dell XPS 15 5

    Dell XPS 15

    Thin, pretty and powerful – is this the ultimate Windows 10 laptop?

  3. Dell Precision M3800

    Dell Precision M3800 (2015)

    Dell's MacBook Pro rival gets a 4K screen and updated processor

  4. Dell Precision M6800

    Dell Precision M6800

    A Core i7 processor and Nvidia Quadro graphics make this a monster workstation laptop

  5. Dell Latitude E7440

    Dell Latitude E7440

    This is a top-notch ultrabook for business minded folk with a removable battery

  6. Dell Precision M3800

    Dell Precision M3800

    The best reason not to buy a MacBook Pro

  7. Dell XPS Duo 12

    Dell XPS Duo 12

    Dell’s take on the premium Windows 8 convertible is a winner.

  8. Dell XPS 14

    Dell XPS 14

    A beautifully designed MacBook Pro rival with great specs.

  9. Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

    Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

    Beautifully designed, Dell’s XPS 13 is one of the best premium Ultrabooks we’ve seen.

  10. Alienware M14x 3

    Alienware M14x

    A 14.1in gaming laptop that has it all; stunning design, more lights than you can shake a stick at, great ergonomics, and oodles of power under the hood.

  11. Dell Vostro 3350

    Dell Vostro 3350

    Available in red, bronze or silver, this aluminium-encased 13.3in laptop is a powerful and versatile machine offering good usability and long battery life.

  12. Dell XPS 15z

    Dell XPS 15z

    The Macbook Pro of the Windows world, this thin, metal-clad 15.4in laptop is attractive and stylish without compromising on power or features.

  13. Dell XPS 17 (L701X)

    Dell XPS 17 (L701X)

    Dell refreshes its 17.3in XPS line with USB 3.0, HD webcams, Optimus graphics switching and 3D graphics, JBL 2.1 speakers and aluminium lids.

  14. Dell Inspiron 17R

    Dell Inspiron 17R

    We check out Dell's new minimalist 17.3in Inspiron, packing a Core i5 CPU and a great keyboard.

  15. Dell Inspiron 1764 - 17.3in Laptop

    Dell Inspiron 1764 - 17.3in Laptop

    We take a look at Dell's entry-level Intel Core i5 powered desktop replacement.