1. BenQ FP241W 24in Widescreen Monitor

    BenQ FP241W 24in Widescreen Monitor

    As if the inclusion of an HDMI port isn't impressive enough, the price is just amazing.

  2. BenQ GW2760HS

    BenQ GW2760HS

    BenQ promises its flicker-free 27-inch monitor will save you from eye-strain.

  3. BenQ GW2250HM

    BenQ GW2250HM

    This 22-inch, Full HD VA-panel monitor for under £100 is a veritable bargain.

  4. BenQ XL2730Z

    BenQ XL2730Z

    With FreeSync and a 144Hz panel is this the ultimate gaming monitor?

  5. BenQ BL3200PT

    BenQ BL3200PT

    BenQ's latest is a big-screen office panel. Can it compete with strong rivals?

  6. BenQ GL2450

    BenQ GL2450

    This is the best cheap 24-inch monitor you can buy right now

  7. BenQ EW2430

    BenQ EW2430

    A 24in PVA monitor with good image quality and generous connectivity, this new LED-backlit BenQ is one of the bargains of the year.

  8. BenQ XL2410T

    BenQ XL2410T

    Expressly designed to meet the needs of hardcore gamers, this 120Hz, 3D-capable, fully adjustable 24in monitor is very impressive.

  9. BenQ VW2420H front

    BenQ VW2420H

    BenQ teams with AU Optronics to produce a high-quality, VA-based LED monitor at an astounding price.

  10. BenQ V2410T

    BenQ V2410T

    With its Full HD resolution, rugged build and excellent ergonomics, this 24in LED-backlit monitor is our favourite budget business display.

  11. BenQ G2222HDL - 21.5in Monitor

    BenQ G2222HDL - 21.5in Monitor

    At just a shade over £120 this Full HD, LED backlit monitor has all the makings of a bargain.

  12. BenQ E2200HD 22in LCD Monitor

    BenQ E2200HD 22in LCD Monitor

    BenQ delivers another 22in Full HD LCD at an even lower price.

  13. BenQ M2200HD - Full HD 22in Monitor

    BenQ M2200HD - Full HD 22in Monitor

    At under £200, this Full HD 22in from BenQ packs in a lot of extra features.

  14. BenQ M2400HD 24in LCD Monitor

    BenQ M2400HD 24in LCD Monitor

    Bored with black? Then why not consider BenQ's M2400HD Full HD LCD?

  15. BenQ G2200WT 22in Monitor

    BenQ G2200WT 22in Monitor

    Setting new standards in affordable substance over style, the G2200WT gives you more for less.