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Best Xbox Live Games 2015

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Originally reviewed by Sam Loveridge 23 December 2014

Developer: Playdead, Double Eleven
If you’ve not yet enjoyed the black and white horrors of Limbo you’ve been missing out. Thankfully though, publisher Playdead has now launched the game on Xbox One, giving you another opportunity to play or replay this absolute classic.
Limbo sees you take control of an unnamed boy who is uncertain of his sister’s fate. He wakes up in the middle of a hostile forest situated on the edge of hell – hence the Limbo title.
You’ll need to guide him through Limbo, avoiding all the treacherous traps that lie between him and his goal.
You need to play Limbo just to see how eerily beautiful it is too.   
Price: £7.99
Platform: Xbox One and Xbox 360

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