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Best Xbox Live Games 2015

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Originally reviewed by Sam Loveridge 19 August 2015

Developer: Other Ocean

#IDARB is a cauldron of both organised and regular chaos. It’s a 4v4 player system in a jumping, futuristic arena ball game. With a highly customisable experience with creating characters, teams, tournaments and even your own theme music.  

The layout is 2D, platform-based arena, and the only tools at your immediate disposal are the ability to move, jump, double-jump, shoot, and, in the case of playing in teams rather than 1v1, a pass option.

Chaotic, fun and fantastic, #IDARB may just be the best multiplayer experience currently available on the Xbox One. And it’s cross-play with Windows 10 too.

Price £ 11.99
Platform: Xbox One

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