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Best Windows 8 Laptops, Tablets, Convertibles and PCs


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Need a new Windows 8 laptop or tablet? There’s plenty to choose from, so we’ve picked out the best Windows 8 laptops, tablets and convertibles available right now, as well as some we think are worth waiting for.

This year looks like a great year for PC users. In addition to the huge range of excellent Windows 8 gadgets already already, CES 2015 recently exposed a fresh generation of upcoming products and we also have the much improved Windows 10 to look forward to. Windows 10 will be free for the first year, so any laptop you buy will be able to run it when it comes out.

Some of these aren’t yet available for purchase yet, or we haven't been sent for a full review, but we think you need to see them before parting with your cash. Simply put, they’re faster, prettier and more powerful than anything that’s come before them.

Below is out list of the best current and upcoming Windows 8 laptops and tablets. But if you're unsure whether you should buy a laptop, tablet or convertible, we’ve broken down the key differences further down.

TrustedReviews Recommended Laptops, Tablets & Convertibles

Best Windows 8 Tablet | Surface Pro 3

Best 13-inch Windows 8 Convertible | Dell Latitude 13 7000

Best 15-inch Windows 8 Laptop | Dell XPS 15

Best Cheap Windows 8 Convertible | Asus Transformer Book T100

Best 11-inch Windows 8 Tablet | Dell Venue Pro 11

Best Windows 8 Gaming Laptop | MSI GS70 2QE Stealth Pro Red Edition

New Laptops, Tablets and Convertibles Coming Soon

13-inch Windows 8 Business Laptop | Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2015

13-inch Windows 8 Laptop | Dell XPS 13 2015

12.5-inch Windows 8 Convertible | Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi

8.9-inch Windows 8 Convertible | Toshiba Satellite Click Mini

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Should I buy a laptop, tablet or convertible?

Before you make your choice, it’s also important to consider what type of computer is best for you. Gone are the days when you just went out and bought a laptop, as there’s so much more to pick from now.

Buy a Windows 8 laptop if...

...you value performance and productivity above all else.

You’ll certainly want a laptop for demanding tasks, such as video editing and gaming. Laptops have become sleeker, lighter and more powerful than ever in recent years, too, and the best Windows 8 laptops have sharp and colourful screens that are great for watching films on.

Tempting as the convertibles are, if you what you really want is to replace a desktop PC with something smaller, lighter but still powerful, a standard laptop is your best choice.

Buy a Windows 8 tablet if...

...you want to have something with you wherever you go.

Although Windows has been around for ages, it’s only since the touchscreen-optimised Windows 8 appeared that it made sense to use it on tablets.

Windows 8 tablets are, however, very different to their Android and iOS counterparts. Some, like the Surface Pro 3, can replace a laptop and will often come with keyboard attachments so they can be used just like one.

There are smaller and cheaper Windows tablets, too, though only recently have them become good enough to be worth recommending. There are some particularly promising ones coming later this year.

Buy a Windows 8 convertible if...

…you want the best of both worlds.

A convertible is essentially what you’d get if a laptop and a tablet were to have a flashy, extremely versatile child. Convertibles can come in several different forms, but they all adhere to the same basic rule: they must operate as fully fledged laptops and tablets.

Most manufacturers have gone down the road of packing all essential hardware into the screen element, which can be attached to a separate dock via a magnetic hinge. This dock features the keyboard, and can also carry bonuses such as a secondary battery or extra ports and connections.

However, there’s another, very different, approach. Instead of making a two-piece convertible, Lenovo’s Yoga range features a clever hinge that rotates all the way around. This means you can switch between laptop and tablet modes simply by rotating the screen. This design also makes them very versatile.

The convertible PC market has exploded in popularity over the past year or so, but some devices have nailed the brief better than others. The best Windows 8 convertibles should offer the power of a laptop and the portability of a tablet.

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