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Best Windows 8 Laptops, Tablets, Convertibles and PCs

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Which is the best Windows 8 laptop, tablet or desktop PC to buy? We pick 10 of the best to help you decide.

From Windows 95 all the way up to the still widely used Windows 7, Microsoft’s operating system has reigned supreme in the home and in the office. However, in the last few years Apple and Google have seriously muscled in on Microsoft’s territory, with the two companies dominating in smartphones and tablets as well as making significant dents in the laptop and PC space.

The response from Microsoft has been to unleash its most revolutionary operating system yet in the shape of Windows 8. Its main purpose is to combine a new, more touch-friendly interface with the traditional Windows desktop to create the ultimate all-in-one operating system.

Compatible with tablets, laptops, laptops that turn into tablets and desktop PCs, Windows 8 is available in three versions. Windows 8 is designed for home PC users and Windows 8 Pro is a more business-focused version that adds an extra layer of security. Windows 8 RT is specifically designed for ARM-based PCs and tablets like the Microsoft Surface.

Windows 8 also aims to be a far more integrated operating system than previous versions of Windows. That means it will play nice with Windows Phone 8, the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Microsoft has since updated Windows 8 bringing a host of new features, tweaks and fixes to the operating system. You can read all about the biggest changes in our Windows 8.1 review.

The company has also revealed that the next version of Windows will be called Windows 10, which you can already download in demo form to try out for yourself - here are our instructions on how to download and install Windows 10 Technical Preview.

As well as a host of all round improvements one of its key aims is to address some of the complaints users had about the confusing crossover between the touch interface and the traditional desktop of Windows 8. Windows 10 is expected to be much better for desktop users and will be arriving some time next year.

Since its arrival back in October 2012 the likes of Samsung, Dell, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba have all been busy ushering out Windows 8-packing devices. This has obviously made it a lot harder to keep track of the ones worth buying.

So to help you find the perfect tablet, laptop or all-in-one PC that doesn’t run on an Apple or Google OS, we've picked the best Windows 8 laptops, tablets, convertibles and PCs to buy right now.

If you're not sure what the difference between the various types of tablet is then read this: Tablet Buyer's Guide

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