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Best Value TVs 2015: Which cheap TV should you buy?

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Philips 48PFT5509

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Philips 48PFT5509

Originally reviewed by John Archer 22 September 2014

Best Cheap TV for Gaming

Key features:
  • 48-inch LCD TV with direct LED lighting
  • Multimedia playback via DLNA or USB
  • Smart TV including iPlayer and Netflix
Primed for Call of Duty or mammoth FIFA sessions, the 48-inch set is also a slick all-rounder for just over £500.

Packed behind its slender frame is a Full HD screen with 200HZ emulation system and its LEDs mounted directly behind the screen rather than around its edges.

Despite missing out on Philips' Ambilight technology, picture quality is fantastic for the price with a strong black level response and punchy colours.

For gaming once you have turned on the Game or PC Activity mode, it delivers just 33ms of input lag making it an affordable set to plug your Xbox One or PS4 into.

Price: £529

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