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Best TVs 2015: Best 32, 40, 50 and 60-inch TVs


Sony KDL-55W829

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Sony KDL-55W829

Originally reviewed by John Archer 29 September 2014

Key features:

  • 55-inch LCD TV with edge LED lighting
  • Full HD resolution
  • Active 3D playback (two pairs of glasses included)
The Sony KDL-55W829 is a seriously impressive telly. It’s a slender 55-inch LCD TV with edge LED lighting, sitting on a small open-frame metallic stand. It’s good to use straight out of the box, thanks to an excellent range of presets. There are also loads of video streaming services to get stuck into, though you’ll have to make do without 4oD and ITV Player.

The panel itself might not be 4K, but it’s nevertheless a high-quality affair. Blacks are inky, while shadow details are preserved. There’s no backlight clouding either, which all translates to incredibly impressive dark scenes. There’s also a great balance between vibrancy and realism with colours. Input lag figures are low enough to keep gamers happy too. The only downsides are poor viewing angles and a general lack of detail in 3D mode.

What’s more, the speakers aren’t bad either. They’re especially good at producing subtle detailing from dense audio mixes without sounding harsh. Mid-range is wide enough to retain clarity with vocals, even with a lot of other audio activity to handle. There’s even a respectable amount of bass, though things can start to sound a little muddy under duress.

Price: £779

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