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Best TVs 2014: 10 Best HD, 3D and 4K TVs

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Panasonic P42GT60

8 of 10

Panasonic TX-P42GT60

Originally reviewed by 17 April 2013

Best 42-inch Plasma TV

Key features:
  • Active 3D playback (2 pairs of glasses included)
  • Viera Connect online features
  • Multimedia playback via USB
If you want a decent plasma at a reasonable price, the Panasonic TX-P42GT60 is your best bet. Amongst the features hidden behind the 42-inch Full HD 3D newPlasma screen is a 1080 Pure Direct playback to handle Blu-ray movies and Resolution Remaster circuitry to help produce clearer images. On the connectivity front, there’s three USBs for recording and playback, an SD port, built-in Wi-Fi and a LAN port. Touch Pen support means you can scribble on the screen and with Swipe and Share 2.0 you can send content from your tablet to your TV.

Price: £1,149

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