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Best TVs 2015: Best HD, 3D and 4K TVs

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Sony KDL-55W829

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Sony KDL-55W829

Originally reviewed by 29 September 2014

Best Full HD LCD TV

Key Features:
  • 55-inch edge-lit 1080p LED screen
  • X-Reality Pro processing engine
  • Active 3D playback (2 prs of glasses included)
Many of the best TVs these days are giant, expensive 4K ones. However, those who want to keep their budget under a grand should check out the 1080p Sony KDL-55W829. It’ll probably be remembered as the best HD-resolution TV of 2014.

As is becoming the Sony standard for mid-range TVs, the Sony KDL-55W829 offers class-leading picture quality with an almost effortless style. Black levels are fantastic for an LCD, with no sign of the TV struggling to get this sort of performance. Detail is excellent too, making it a great all-purpose TV for people not too bothered about having all the latest fancy tech.

Unlike some of Sony’s other TVs, the Sony KDL-55W829 does offer 3D, though. Viewing angles could be a touch better, but that’s the only real image quality issue we have with this Full HD set.  The other negative to note is that you don’t get quite the array of smart services as the Samsung alternative, the UE48H6400.

Price: £999

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