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Best TVs 2015: Best HD, 3D and 4K TVs

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LG 55EA980W

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LG 55EA980W

Originally reviewed by 04 February 2014


Key features:
  • Curved screen design
  • Passive 3D playback
  • Smart TV with video services with iPlayer, Netflix and Skype
The first OLED TV that you can buy widely from places as common as PC World is the LG 55EA980W. It’s a fantastic TV that shames even the black levels you get with the world’s best plasma TVs. It’s a sign: OLED is the future.

Of course, it’s not 4K, just Full HD, and there are some improvements still to be made to the OLED formula. The LG 55EA980W isn’t top-notch at motion and some detail gets crushed into the set’s blacks. However, you can’t fail to be bowled over by the staggering image quality.

Even better, now that the TV is on the way out of production, it’s available for just £1999.99, just a fraction of the original cost. At launch, the LG 55EA980W was intended for sale at £8000. OLEDs aren’t of the far-off future, not anymore.


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