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Best TVs 2014: 10 Best HD, 3D and 4K TVs

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Panasonic P60ZT65

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Panasonic TX-P60ZT65

Originally reviewed by 19 June 2013

Best Plasma TV

Key features:
  • Active 3D playback
  • Viera Connect online features
  • Ultra-high contrast flagship panel design
Plasma TVs are on the way out. LG, Samsung and Panasonic have all confirmed they are going to stop making them. But for the best plasma TV made, look no further than the Panasonic TX-P60ZT65. Don’t look for too long, though, as it’ll only be on shelves for a fairly short time. Many stores have already stopped selling it.

So why is it still in our top 10? Outside of an OLED model, the Panasonic TX-P60ZT65 offers the best black levels you can get in a TV. This brings rich, lifelike colour and contrast that most LCD TVs still can only dream of.

Brightness levels aren’t quite up to the level of a searing LCD/LED, but for those who like to watch movies on a large screen in a darkened room, cinema-style, the Panasonic TX-P60ZT65 is still one of the best solutions. In the world.


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