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Best TVs 2015: Best HD, 3D and 4K TVs

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Panasonic TX-58AX802

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Panasonic TX-58AX802

Originally reviewed by 09 October 2014

Best 50-60-inch 4K TV

Key features:
  • 58-inch LCD TV with edge LED lighting
  • Studio Master Colour panel design
  • Customisable My Home Screen interface
Few people have the room for a gigantic 65-inch, and the Panasonic TX-58AX802 gives you a sweet spot that still makes great use of 4K while delivering a set that’s manageable in size. It’s a 58-inch model, one with some of the best build quality we’ve seen in a TV in recent years.

The Panasonic TX-58AX802 offers absolutely fantastic detail, and colour reproduction that outpaces much of the competition. Even skin tones in material upscaled from SD all the way to 4K look pretty convincing on this TV. 3D performance is great too, making this Panasonic a top performer across the board. Contrast and black level aren’t quite on the level of the top Samsung and Sony 4K sets, but you can make up for this a little with careful calibration. And its 26ms input lag means the Panasonic TX-58AX802 is pretty fantastic for gaming compared with some out there.

Price: £1,999

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