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Best TVs 2015: Best 32, 40, 50 and 60-inch TVs


Panasonic 55AX902

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Panasonic TX-55AX902

Originally reviewed by John Archer 27 November 2014

Key features:

  • 55-inch LCD TV
  • 4K resolution
  • Passive 3D playback
The Panasonic TX-55AX902 is a serious-looking TV. It’s impressively built and oozes quality, with its trim black frame and hidden, heavy-set base. It packs a 55-inch, 4K LCD panel, which you can watch Netflix’s 4K content on.   

Contrast ratio is astonishingly good for an IPS display. Blacks are deep, shadow detail is good and there’s just a little blooming. Colour reproduction is impressive too, there’s no motion blur, and HD content scales up nicely. Unfortunately, SD content doesn’t look anywhere near as good, and 3D footage looks a touch soft. Input lag is also slightly too slow for a good gaming experience.

However, sound performance is really good. The speakers are powerful and there’s a healthy depth of bass to underpin action scenes and round out male vocals. Treble detailing is plentiful without becoming harsh.

Price: £1,999

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