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Best TV 2016: Best 32, 40, 55 and 65-inch+ TVs

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LG 55EG920V

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LG 55EG920V

Originally reviewed by John Archer 03 December 2015

Key features:

  • 55-inch curved OLED TV
  • 4K UHD resolution
  • HDR Playback
This 55-inch 4K tv by LG is one of the cheapest you can get that uses OLED, as opposed to LED, technology.

Prices for OLED are going down and that’s a good thing since it provides better contrast and black levels than LED.
It also supports HDR Playback. This is a new way of shooting TV and movies that provides a larger range of colours, brighter whites and more nuanced greys. It looks great but there’s not a lot of content that uses it yet. Still having HDR does make the LG somewhat future-proof.

The LG’s picture quality is generally excellent and it has a gorgeous slim design. It also comes with arguably the best smart TV systems around – webOS.

The one downside is that audio quality from the inbuilt speakers isn’t great, but that’s not much of an issue if you use a soundbar or home cinema system.

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