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Best TV 2016: Best 32, 40, 55 and 65-inch+ TVs

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Linsar X24-DVD

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Linsar X24-DVD

Originally reviewed by John Archer 11 March 2015

Key features:

  • 24-inch, Full HD LCD TV
  • Built-in sound bar and DVD player
  • Bluetooth-enabled
One of the cheapest TVs in this round-up, the Linsar X24-DVD is a terrific small-screen machine. It’s a Full HD LCD TV that comes with its own built-in DVD player and a generous selection of ports, including two HDMIs, a USB port, an RF tuner input, a VGA port and Bluetooth connectivity.

In terms of looks, it’s unique. The panel sits on top of a chunky, silver arc that houses a ridiculously good set of speakers, which are impressive enough to use alongside Bluetooth music players. They never sound distorted or overloaded even during full-on action scenes, while voices are always clear. There’s even quite a bit of bass to underpin it all.  

Unfortunately, the 24-inch display is the weakest component. Contrast is limited, with blacks looking grey, and colours appear punchy but unnatural. However, it’s sharp and bright for a small screen. Because it’s nice and slim, it can be wall-mounted too, and the DVD player around the back performs solidly.

Price: £299

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