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Kenwood kMix toaster

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Kenwood kMix toaster

Originally reviewed by Evan Kypreos 01 October 2013

Features: 2-slice toaster, 900W, bun warming rack, defrost, check bread
Price: £50

The Kenwood kMix toaster is part of a chic kitchen range. Available in eight funky colours ranging from lime green to pink it can add a splash of colour and life in even the most dreary of kitchens. It is the most compact two-slice toaster we tested measuring just 165mm tall by 220mm wide and 150mm deep. Just because it’s small it doesn’t mean the kMix lacks features. It comes with a bun warming rack that attaches to the top, has variable browning control and can defrost.

One of the nicest features is the Peek and View. This lets you lift the toast using a lever to see how your morning slices are doing without stopping the cooking process.

The kMix toaster’s slots were deep enough to toast our tall test slices to the top, but it does have the narrowest ones we tested. If you like toasting chunky bread you should look elsewhere.

It was reasonably quick at 2min 48sec for a round of toast but there was some inconsistency with the browning, with one side being slightly more toasted than the other. The Kenwood kMix toaster is one of the most stylish on the market and at under £50 it’ll brighten up your morning. It’s also the smallest we tested so if space is an issue it’s a good option. We just would have liked a more consistent browning.

We loved:
The funky design

We didn’t like:
Some inconsistent browning

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