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Best Tablet 2015: 10 best tablets you can buy


Tesco Hudl 2
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Tesco Hudl 2

Originally reviewed by Michael Sawh 06 August 2015

Key features:

  • 8.3-inch 1,920 x 1,200 pixel IPS screen
  • Intel Atom Z3735D quad-core CPU
  • Android 4.4
Tesco’s Hudl 2 is a budget revelation. What it gets you for £129 is positively jaw-dropping, and the experience on offer is much better than the last model. It’s the cheapest big-brand Full HD-grade tablet we’ve reviewed, and it currently rides high as the best pure value for money option on the market. And, yes, it beats the Nexus 7 on the value front.

We also like that the 8.3-inch screen makes movies and games feel that bit more cinematic. Size matters. The only caveats are ones about software. It’s loaded with plenty of predictable Tesco bloat and performance does take a slight hit despite the processor being quite nippy. However, we think it’s worth it. Tesco seems to be using this as a loss-leader, a way to cement its position at the heart of households. Sneaky? Maybe, but when it also has full access to everything Android-related, we’re happy to put up with it.

Price: £129

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