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Best Tablet 2014: Which tablet should you buy?

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iPad Air

Originally reviewed by 04 November 2013

Best Tablet Overall

Key features:
  • 9.7-inch Retina screen
  • 5MP rear camera for decent photos
  • Comes with free iWork and iLife apps
The name may have changed, but the iPad Air still reigns supreme as the best tablet overall and the best 10-inch tablet you can buy. The latest iteration of the Apple tablet is a totally redesigned affair making it slimmer and lighter to use and carry around.

It uses the same brilliant 64-bit Apple A7 processor found inside the iPhone 5S and the excellent Retina screen. It impresses in all departments from gaming to browsing, and with iOS 7 on board you get all the benefits of the latest Apple mobile operating system update including access to iWorks and iLife suite of apps for free.

As tablet cameras go, the 5-megapixel sensor delivers decent photos and in the battery department the Air manages an impressive 10 hours in general use. 

If you can stump up the £400, you will not be left disappointed by what is undeniably the best 10-inch tablet you can buy by quite a margin.

Price: £399

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