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Best Tablet For Kids 2016: 5 Great Tablets For Children


The children’s tablet market isn’t huge, so picking a slate that’s right for your child is actually fairly difficult. While some manufacturers have started to market budget tablets as child-friendly, and other brands pitch products directly at children, they don’t always offer the best deal. To help any parent on the market for a kid friendly tablet, we’ve sifted through the top-rated tablets to bring you five options that are sure to delight any child.

How to choose a tablet for children

Aside from cost, the primary criteria for choosing a kids’ tablet should be its build quality. Not only does it need to have a decent chassis surrounded by a slightly rugged material, but an official, IP-certified splash-proof rating – such as IP52 – will be a welcome addition too.

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Depending on how you expect your children to use their tablet, a reasonably powerful processor should be relatively high up on your list. While we wouldn’t expect children to be multi-tasking between apps to an extreme degree, the device should have enough power to play a few basic games and videos without too much waiting around. Key figures to look out for are processor specifications and the amount of RAM available. Our reviews will detail exact performance figures as well as more general pointers on how the tablet functions in different situations.

Battery life is also an important consideration, especially if you’re likely to use the device to entertain kids on long car journeys. Cheaper tablets suffer considerably under heavy use, since their batteries are smaller and their processors are less power-efficient than top end tablets'. If the tablet will primarily be used at home, this won’t be such an issue, but is still worth considering.

Cheap tablets are usually fairly light on storage. We’d recommend a minimum of 8GB, which will provide ample room for apps, games and video content downloaded from iTunes or the Google Play store. If the tablet is going to be used by multiple members of the family, then we’d recommend a bump-up on that figure. A microSD card slot is also always a welcome addition, that will let you expand the tablet's storage as the need arises.

Parental controls are available for both Android and iOS-powered iPads and make it easy to lock down the tablet if it’s to be used by your children unsupervised. Apple’s support pages document how to do this on your iPad, while on Android this differs from device to device. Amazon’s Kindle tablets are particularly good here, providing peace of mind in the long run.

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