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Best Tablet For Kids 2014: 5 Great Tablets For Children

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Looking for the best tablet for kids? We pick five options including a cheap Android tablet and an iPad to consider if you are ready to invest in 2014.

Tablets are currently big sellers from new iPads to budget Android ones from supermarket chains among a sea of slates all vying to make it into your home.

Luckily, we've already rounded up the best tablets to help find the perfect one for yourself, but if you are planning on buying a tablet for your kids or a younger relative it's a slightly different proposition.

There's plenty you will need to consider before you spend your money. First and foremost, it needs to be built to withstand plenty of knocks and bumps. The type and range of content you can acesss will be a big factor whether it's being able to play Angry Birds Go or learning how to count to ten.

Perhaps most importantly is whether there are any specific parental settings on board to prevent little ones from spending loads of money on in-app purchases or stumbling onto unsuitable websites.

Looking primarily at tablets with 7-inch screens, we've selected five of the best tablets for kids whatever your budget is to look out for.

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