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Best Surround Sound Systems 2016

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Quad L-ite Plus

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Quad L-ite Plus

Originally reviewed by Danny Phillips 16 December 2013

Best Surround System For Small Living Rooms

Key features:
  • 100mm woven Kevlar cone mid-bass drivers
  • 25mm fabric dome tweeters
  • 200W powered subwoofer with 150mm Duo Tri-Lam cones
Just shy of the £2,000 price mark, the Quad L-ite Plus is a surround sound system that won’t hog the living room space and can be easily dotted around on shelves and furniture. Space-saving credentials aside, the L-ite Plus brings together satellites, centre and an all-new 200W subwoofer.

For movie-watching, it handles action sequences with agility, precision and power. The satellites’ roomy cabinets and the drivers’ wide dispersion also generate a big, engulfing soundstage to make sure the room fills with gorgeous audio. If you want something with a top-class performance minus the great size, this is the one for you.

Price: £1,199.95

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