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Best Surround Sound Systems 2016

Michael Sawh


Best surround sound systems

Which is the best surround system for your TV or home cinema setup? We pick the best from our latest surround sound system reviews

If one of our best soundbars does not suitably meet your audio needs and you have the room to spare, a decent surround sound system can make a vital difference to your home cinema experience. To appreciate the true majesty of movies on Blu-ray you’ll need to invest in a decent surround sound system, as even the best TVs often forsake substance for style.

This Week's Best Surround Sound Systems Deals

Monitor Audio MASS at Amazon.co.uk | Was £799 | Now £399

JBL Cinema 510 at Amazon.com | Was £249.99 | Now £236

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for speakers to pair with an AV amp, there are many options to choose from – compact 5.1 surround sound systems that deliver dynamic sound without impacting on your living space; serious 7.1 surround sound system packages with large floor-standing speakers; and all-in-one affairs that even throw a Blu-ray player and amplifier into the box.

Whether you have plenty to spend or want to get something on a tight budget, we've picked our regularly updated list of the best surround sound systems to buy to help youd decide.

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