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Best Soundbars 2015

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Maxell MXSB-252

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Maxell MXSB-252

Originally reviewed by Danny Phillips 30 January 2014

Best soundbar under £100

Key features:
  • Generous connections
  • Smooth, dynamic and well-balanced sound
  • Great price
A 2.1 channel sound bar that sits underneath your TV, the Maxell MXSP-252, like its bigger brother the MXSP-SB3000, offers an attractive spec for well under £100. Slimmer and prettier than the SB3000, the 252 is ideal for TVs up to 46-inches and includes plenty of connectivity including three HDMI inputs, an optical digital audio input and a 3.5mm minijack input.

That’s more generous than some £350 soundbars, like the LG LAP340. Sound is nice and loud and powerful enough to fill a room with a pleasing balance across the frequency range. It’s worth experimenting with the two bass modes too. Despite the lack of Bluetooth, this is another solid system from Maxell and is fantastic value for money.

Price: £75 (£89.99 at time of review)

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