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Best Mobile Phones 2014: 10 Best Smartphones You Can Buy

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Sony Xperia Z2

Originally reviewed by 15 April 2014

Key features:

  • Good 20-megapixel camera
  • 5.2-inch Full HD screen with improved contrast ratio
  • Low key custom interface
The Sony Xperia Z2 is not a huge upgrade from the Xperia Z1 launched just six months ago and is soon to be replaced by the Xperia Z3, but it still excels in all the right departments.

There's still the predominantly glass and aluminium design to give it that strong, assured look and offers the best water resistance of all the top new Android phones. The larger 5.2-inch display produces excellent contrast and viewing angles and most importantly is a big bright screen ideal for watching films on.

A new Snapdragon 801 processor powers performance and the Z2 runs on Android 4.4 KitKat with a new version of Sony’s custom interface. There’s the same feature-packed 20.7-megapixel camera that’s still a solid shooter even in low-lit conditions with the new addition of 4K video recording.

Add in the impressive all-day battery life and in spite of some initial overheating concerns, the Z2 Is a great follow-up to the Z1.

Review price: £569.99

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