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Best Smartphone 2015: The Best Mobile Phones to Buy

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Sony Xperia Z3

10 of 10

Sony Xperia Z3

Originally reviewed by 09 October 2014

Key features:

• Good 20-megapixel camera
• 5.2-inch Full HD screen still sharp and vibrant
• Slick overall performance
• Hi-Res Audio support

• Water/dust resistant

Sony’s latest flagship lands just six months after the Xperia Z2 and makes some minor changes in the process, which means it might not be an essential upgrade for Xperia Z2 owners.

The same Snapdragon 801 processor is included in the Xperia Z3 but has been clocked slightly higher to still deliver that blisteringly fast performance, particularly for gaming.

For taking pictures, the 20-megapixel camera is still included and now adds a 25mm focal length to fit more in and can shoot at a higher ISO sensitivity to aid low-light shooting. You can shoot 4K video although it does experience overheating issues very quickly, which Sony now notifies users about before they start filming.

Despite a slight drop down in battery capacity, you can still get two days of power at times without having to dip into the useful power saving modes. All of that is wrapped in a slimmer and lighter body to help make this the best flagship phone Sony has come up with.

Price: £485 (£525 at time of review)

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