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Best Sat Nav 2016 Round-up

Michael Sawh by

If you’re looking for the best sat nav to help you get from A to B with the minimum fuss then look no further. Whether you’re deliberating between Garmin and TomTom or weighing up the decision to either spend big or look for a more wallet-friendly option, we have rounded up the top rated sat navs for you.

Choosing the perfect sat nav to mount onto your dashboard depends on a number of factors. Is it mainly to be used domestically or will you need it abroad? Do you have a phone app you like to use already? Would you like the sat nav to act as a hands-free Bluetooth speaker for your phone as well?

TomTom and Garmin currently dominate the industry so we’ve pulled out their top picks. Read on for our short reviews to see which one is best for you.

Best Sat Nav Overall | TomTom GO 6000

Best Sat Nav under £150 | Garmin Nuvi 65 LM

Best Sat Nav under £200 | TomTom GO 60

Best Sat Nav under £250 | TomTom GO 5000

Best Sat Nav Heads Up Display | Garmin Hud%2B

Best Sat Nav for Camping | TomTom GO Live Camper and Caravan

There are plenty of ways to get from A to B without losing your way, but the standalone sat nav is still one of the most reliable. There are options for walkers, cyclists and bikers but our best sat nav round-up will just focus on the car variety.

Whether you’ll be navigating the plains of the Serengeti, steering your way across Europe or simply negotiating the back streets of Hackney we have provided a short review of the current sat navs that perform best. For our more in depth reviews you can hit the ‘read full review’ links to see exactly why we picked these ones out of the bunch.

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