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Best PS4 games to look out for in 2014 and beyond

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Originally reviewed by 07 October 2014

Having already flexed its driving game muscles with World Rally Championship series (PS2) and the Motorstorm Series (PS3), DriveClub Evolution Studios enters the PS4 fray with a social racing game that could be Sony’s answer to Forza Motorsport 5. After a delaying the launch, it's finally heading to Sony's new gen console later this year with the extra time used to spruce all aspects of the game from social networking features, stunning visuals and creating authentic engine sounds. Gameplay centers around driving for a team completing challenges like ‘drift-offs’ to earn points and online bragging rights.

At launch there will also be a DriveClub PlayStation Plus edition so as long as you are signed up, you can access all the game modes, select cars and courses for free.

: October 10th 2014

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