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Best PS4 games to look out for in 2014 and beyond

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With the PS4 available in the UK and a host of new games announced at E3 2014, we round-up the best PS4 launch games and pick out the future releases we can't wait to play in 2015.

The PS4 is here. After landing in the US first, Sony's next gen console has now been on these shores for well over six months taking on the Xbox One with a whole host of unique PS4 features including the ability to play games while they are still downloading, remote play via the PS Vita, and of course a load of new games to play on it.

Serving up a mix of its most successful franchises with a smattering of original games, Sony has surely touched the surfaces of what the new generation console is capable of. Whether it’s the extra processing power, the cloud gaming capabilities or the new DualShock 4 controller.

From the PS4 games launched so far and the newly announced ones to keep an eye out for here's our regularly updated list of the most exciting titles.

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