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Best PS Vita games to buy 2014

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PS Vita

Looking for the best PS Vita games? We compile our list of essentials for Sony's handheld console that you can buy in the shops, or download from the PlayStation Store through the Vita, PS3 and PS4

On its arrival, it was difficult to justify owning a PS Vita in spite of the impressive specs and the ability to play console-quality games. It was more expensive than the PS3 and the games catalogue - bar some standout launch titles - remained threadbare for some time.

Fast-forward to 2014 and Sony has dropped the price significantly, the big games we expected at launch are beginning to filter through and the support for indie game developers means there's a greater variety of titles to play.

The arrival of the PS4 has also breathed new life into the Sony handheld, particularly through the improved Remote Play feature that now let's you play all PS4 games on the Vita when someone wants to use the TV. If you've signed up to Playstation Plus, Sony is also dishing out free Vita games each month along with PS3 and PS4 games.

This year, Vita owners can look forward to big games like Borderlands 2 and a raft of indie titles like Hohokum, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number are also on the way.

Whether PS4 remote play or the knock down price is enough to lure you into buying one, we've picked 10 PS Vita games that you definitely need to play.

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