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Best Projector 2016: 6 Best Projectors You Can Buy

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Sony VW500ES

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Sony VPL-VW500ES

Originally reviewed by John Archer 25 November 2013

Best 4K Projector

Key features:
  • 3D playback
  • Reality Creation processing engine
  • Triluminos colour system
Just like a Sony 4KTV, the Sony VPL-VW500ES does not come cheap but it's primed for delivering Ultra HD images on a much larger scale. Beneath the black body and bold venting grilles lies Sony’s SXRD chipsets with native 4,096 x 2,160 pixel counts. To make double sure problems with motion reproduction won’t interfere with the VW500ES’s 4K clarity, Sony has also equipped it with the latest iteration of Sony’s Motionflow processing engine, while Sony’s Reality Creation system is on board for upscaling HD and standard def content to the projector’s native 4K resolution.

The sense of depth visible with large-scale shots particularly impresses. Colour handling is pretty much immaculate and colour blends look flawless. If you’re serious about films and video quality, the Sony VW500ES makes truly cinema-sized 4K video playback for the home a tangible even if it does cost close to £10,000 to own one.

Price: £8,800

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