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Best Printer 2016: 10 Best Printers You Can Buy


Brother DCP-L2500D

7 of 10

Brother DCP-L2500D

Originally reviewed by Simon Williams 26 March 2015

Key features:

  • Quick and cheap to run
  • Colour touchscreen
  • Duplex print
  • Quiet
The Brother DCP-L2500D is a basic but very good laser all-in-one. Text print quality is good, with sharp, precise characters and no sign of spatter, while greyscale fills are a little banded, but not too noticeable. Photo reproduction is fair too, though photocopies of greyscale fills come out very banded and monotone.
The high capacity toner cartridge gives a cost per page of 3.0p, which is good when compared with other similar-priced laser printers. It’s also quick and includes duplex print. If all you need is a SOHO print, copy and scan tool, you can’t go far wrong with the DCP-L2500D.
Price: £66

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