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Best Printer 2015: 8 Best Printers You Can Buy

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Canon MAXIFY MB2350

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Canon MAXIFY MB2350

Originally reviewed by 03 October 2014

Best Printer for Small Offices

Key features:
  • Impressive print speeds
  • Cheap to run
  • Twin paper trays
The Canon MAXIFY MB2350 sits just above entry-level, but some of its features suggest otherwise. Few machines in this bracket pack twin paper trays, and the speed and quality you get are higher than you’d expect from a competing model. Our five-page text test achieved a speed of 13ppm, while this increased to 17.1ppm over 20 pages, which is impressive for an inkjet. The Canon is also cheap to run, delivering costs per page of 2.0p for mono print and 5.2p for colour, including 0.7p for paper. Some equivalent lasers cost three times as much to maintain. The 75mm touchscreen panel, surrounded by six physical buttons, is also simple to use.

It is chunky though, and you’ll have to extend the two 250-sheet paper trays before use, so this isn’t exactly a machine that’ll fit discreetly into any room. The paper feed is noisy too, but these drawbacks are easily cancelled out by the sheer value on offer. It’ll serve a small, busy office very well indeed.

Price: £154 (£180 at time of review)

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