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Best Printer 2014: 6 Best Printers You Can Buy

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Best printers 2014

Looking for the best printer for photos or one that's works with a Mac? We pick the top five you'll want to feed reams of paper into.

Whether for office use, printing the occasional document or if you're a budding photographer and you want photo quality prints, choosing between the multitude of printers is a difficult task. We've done all the hard testing work, including figuring out how expensive each printer is to run.

Printers aren't like most other tech. They're as much mechanical as they are electronic, which means build quality and reliability are extremely important factors, as is the cost of print. The last thing you want is a broken printer chewing up your paper and wasting ink just when you need to print that important document.

That's not to say that they can't be cutting edge with more adding Wi-Fi, Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud support to enable you to print wirelessly from a smartphone or a tablet like the iPad Air or Nexus 7.

The other thing to remember is that printers last longer than a lot of other tech. You'll probably want to replace your laptop, phone or tablet after a couple years, but as long as a printer still does a good job of printing there's no need to replace it. This makes it even more important to get it right the first time so we've picked the best printers we've reviewed so that you can be confident you're choosing the best printer for your needs.

Whether it's a dedicated laser office printer, a high quality photo printer, an all-in-one home unit or an under-£100 occasional printer, we'll help you decide which printer to buy.

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