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14 Best Portable Speakers 2015: Bluetooth Speakers to Buy

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Skullcandy Air Raid

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Skullcandy Air Raid

Originally reviewed by Andrew Williams 22 September 2015

Key features:

No | NFC: No | dB at 4 feet: 85dB | Tone: Very loud, but not all that rich | Mic/Calls: Yes | Aux in: Yes | Netflix test: Pass | Battery life: Up to 14 hours

The Skullcandy Air Raid is about one thing: loudness. It promises to “bring the loud” and sure enough it was by quite some margin the loudest speaker in our sound meter test, pumping out 85dB at around 4ft. However, it shows that loudness and having a big, expansive sound are two totally different things.

The Air Raid uses two 2-inch drivers, but no radiator to provide the sort of bass response you get in the smaller Bose SoundLink Mini. So while the speaker does very loud indeed, it doesn’t offer the sort of impact you might expect from the Skullcandy brand.

Are we saying a Skullcandy product doesn’t have enough bass? We never thought we’d say it, but yes. With fairly poor lower frequency extension, the Air Raid just doesn’t really have the dynamic range we’re after in a speaker of this size. The treble that doesn’t have quite enough insight either: we were a little disappointed in the Air Raid.

The loudness claim on the box is legit, but it doesn’t really come with the other sound properties you might expect to feature alongside.

It is one of the tougher speakers, though. Most of the outer part is covered with a thick layer of rubber intended to suck up any impacts. The main housing is metal too, and as the rubber acts as a lip to stop surfaces from coming into contact with it, you can treat the Air Raid pretty rough.


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