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Best new games of 2016: What to look forward to

Andrew Williams



1 / 10

Reviewed by Andrew Williams

23 December 2013


Release date: 14 March
Platforms: Xbox One, PC

One of the most important Xbox One console exclusives, Titanfall is a first-person shooter based in a futuristic world of mechs. However, you'll play as both one of these giant metal monsters and a vulnerable little fleshy footsoldier. One is powerful, the other is fast and nimble thanks to a jetpack - able to double jump and take cover unlike a mech.

What's really interesting about Titanfall, though, is how it melds multi-player and single player gameplay. It's an online-only game, but incorporates story missions and single player-style events. It's one of the few games in our list that is not cross-platform, so Xbox One owners should take note of Titanfall.

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