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Best Moto G cases to buy

Andrew Williams


Moto G shell

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Reviewed by Andrew Williams

31 January 2014

Motorola Moto G Shell

Key features:

  • Plenty of colours
  • Low Price
  • Just like the original shell
This should be the number one stop for most Motorola Moto G owners. The Motorola shell for Moto G is a plastic battery plate that’s identical to the one you get with the phone. If you’ve bashed up your mobile already, this is one way to give it a bit of a refresh.

Motorola also makes the shell in a bunch of different colours too – white, yellow, blue, green and others. The best bit is the price. This official shell costs just £9 online, making it about the same price as a fairly cheap third-party case.

Price: £9


February 2, 2014, 11:37 am

A few users on XDA forums have reported that the magnets on the official flip case are strong enough to interfere with the phones magnetometer and prevent compass type apps getting a fix on north,


February 3, 2014, 11:47 pm

The official flip case pretty much protets none of the edges of the screen or the corners of the phone (where the phone will hit the ground first)...


March 8, 2014, 9:46 pm

dont buy this case, interweb peoples!!!! and shame on you "trusted"reviews.com. there is a very simple and shockingly massive design flaw in this product - the magnet. how you didn't pick up on this is frankly beyond me, and makes me sincerely doubt the quality of your reviewing procedure! yeah, sure, it (the magnet) holds the case shut REALLY well; but it is way too powerful and lacks adequate shielding. so it sticks to, well, everything, and it messes up (especially, but not exclusively) GPS; compass; email/messaging; location service, (and related) apps. after about a month, my phone was doing all sorts of weird things: bugs, crashes, glitches, etc...
for example: text/voice mail messages would come through in delayed blocks of 4-6 instead of one at a time, in real time. and when they did come through it would kick me out of whatever program i was using and invariably not save what i had done.
following a quick online search i found the likely culprit. so i removed the case and the problems, literally instantly, ceased. within 24 hours i wasn't suffering from ANY of the issues that had plagued my moto g since "upgrading" the cover. this case is like the EMP from the film The Matrix: "the only weapon we have against the machines". but what if you like your machine? well i like my machine - so i threw the case away. my main concern was that the magnet would eventually permanently degrade both hardware and software, whilst concurrently shortening the life of my phone and creating an increasingly unpleasant user experience.
the annoying thing is - the case is quite good and it looks great. at nearly 20 quid it is expensive (which usually implies superior components and quality control) but despite being an official product of motorola, it has been barely (arguably not at all) quality tested. and the components aren't that much better than normal cases. in internet terminology it is best described as an "Epic Fail".
personally, i think this is incredibly foolish of motorola. i mean, everyone thought motorola were dead and gone, right? then they release a brilliant little phone in the moto g and shoot themselves in the foot with a case that actually makes it seem, at first glance at least, that the phone is faulty/badly designed! why would you do that, motorola, why? anyway...
safe to say i have since gone back to my old case. i can recommend it too - the Orzly Multi-Function Flip Case (see amazon et al). it comes in a choice of colours, and while it is no award winner, it does do the job at a cost of (less than) half the price of the moto G flip case. the official product on the other hand, whilst looking good, just makes your phone perform poorly and your wallet empty. which, to me at least, seems like a false economy.


April 13, 2014, 11:06 am

On Amazon,this case got 4.5 stars from 189 reviews, the vast majority giving 5 stars. Of those 189 reviews, four specifically mentioned problems with the magnet and one was going to return the phone because he thought he might have a problem because of it.
That means about 2.5% had a problem. I don't doubt what you are saying, you seem very knowledgable, but how are these figures explained?


August 7, 2014, 2:39 am

hi Gumski,
i just read my entry again. its pretty tongue in cheek, dude. i don't really know what to say other than - buy the case then. it's your phone, your life, your money, so go nuts. why do you even care what i, someone you have never met, and will never meet, thinks? i am not everyone else, so i cant tell you why they voted however they did. you don't have to explain yourself to me and vice versa. don't you just love democracy...


August 7, 2014, 2:40 am

i just read my entry again. its pretty tongue in cheek, dude.

ray hall

September 13, 2014, 3:37 pm

becoming increasingly clear this ill thought outflip top is utterly crap, glad i returned mine!!! ray hall

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