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Best Monitors 2014 Round-up

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LG 27MT93

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LG 27MT93

Originally reviewed by 14 August 2013

Best TV Monitor

Key Features
  • 27-inch 1920 x 1080 screen
  • Smart TV (including Netflix & BBC iPlayer) built-in
  • Two HDMI ports and Freeview HD TV tuner
If you need a monitor and TV in one for a bedroom then the LG 27MT93 is a good bet. It has a 27-inch Full HD display and includes a generous two HDMIs, which makes it easy to hookup multiple devices. There's a PC connection, as well. Picture quality is very good whether you're using a PC or watching TV using the Freeview HD tuner.

Smart TV features are included, so you can access the likes of Netflix and BBC iPlayer without any additional box -- useful for keeping the clutter down in a cramped room. The only significant downside is an average response time, which means it's not the best fast paced shooters. It shouldn't bother casual gamers, but hardcore multiplayer fans should look elsewhere. It would make a good kitchen TV, too.

Price: £349

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