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Best Monitors 2015 Round-up

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Samsung S24C650

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Samsung S24C650

Originally reviewed by Andy Vandervell 21 August 2013

Best 24-inch Office Monitor

Key features:
  • 24-inch, 1920 x 1080 PLS LCD
  • Height adjustment, pivot and easy carry handle
  • USB hub build into base
If you want a 24-inch office monitor, whether it's a home office or the regular kind, the Samsung S24C650 is the first and last place to look. Image quality and colour accuracy is excellent, so you can be sure what you're looking at will be what other people see - provided they're using a decent monitor that is.

But what seals the deal is the classy and flexible design. The stand has height adjustment and a pivot, so you can set it up more or less as you please. There's a built-in carry handle to make it easy to move around and there's two USB ports in the base that are easy to access. Attention to detail is the winner here and £155 or so is a decent price for a quality monitor.

Price: £155 (£190 at time of review)

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