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Best Monitors 2017: 11 best 1080p, QHD and 4K panels



4 / 11

Reviewed by Edward Chester

03 May 2016

Ultra-wide: AOC U3477PQU

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Key features:

  • 34-inch, 3,440x1,440 IPS screen
  • 320cd/m2 brightness
  • VGA, HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort connectors

Ultra-wide screen monitors are become more popular and more common as the price comes down. We reckon they're one of the best choices for those seeking the ultimate in productivity thanks to their ability to hold two windows side-by-side without either feeling squashed.

In the case of the AOC U3477PQU, you don't just get productivity: you also get excellent image quality, with high maximum brightness and deep blacks for excellent contrast, as well as good colour coverage and accuracy.

The biggest drawback of this screen, which will put gamers off, is the fairly high input lag. For many it won't be an issue, but people who play twitchy shooting games will notice the difference.

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At time of review the AOC U3477PQU was available for £500.

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