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Best Monitors 2015 Round-up

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BenQ GL2450

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BenQ GL2450

Originally reviewed by Andy Vandervell 16 December 2013

Best Cheap Monitor

Key features:
  • 24-inch, 1,920 x 1,080 TN LCD screen
  • DVI and D-SUB connections
  • Version with HDMI available
If all you want is a decent 1080p monitor that doesn't cost the earth, the BenQ GL2450 is our pick. It's no-frills, that's for certain, but at just over £100, it's outstanding value and not a bad monitor, either. It's unfortunately no good for colour critical work, but its measured 949:1 contrast ratio is good for the price and the backlight is consistent with no obvious bleed or clouding.

The only issue with the version we tested is it only had DVI and VGA connections, but there's another version (GL2450HM) that includes HDMI. Even better, it's no more expensive, making it a great option if you just want the basics. Moreover, due to using a faster (but generally lower quality) TN-based LCD panel, the BenQ GL2450 makes a very good gaming monitor.

Price: £105 (£110 at time of review)

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