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Best Monitors 2015 Round-up

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Dell UP2414Q

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Dell UP2414Q

Originally reviewed by Andy Vandervell 13 February 2014

Best 24-inch 4K HD monitor

Key features:
  • 23.8-inch, 3,840 x 2,160 IPS LCD
  • 99 per cent Adobe RGB, 100 per cent sRGB
  • 2x DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4
The world of Ultra HD/4K monitors is still a developing one, but the Dell UP2414Q makes an early case to be the best 4K monitor on the market. The extra resolution will ideally suit people working with 4K video and photos, though it has potential as a gaming monitor if you have a PC powerful enough to play games at this resolution.

Two things really seal the deal for the Dell UP2414Q, however. One is the price, which is comfortably less than most 4K monitors, and the other is the exceptional colour accuracy. This makes it the perfect 4K monitor for anyone doing colour critical work, even if the contrast ratio is a little disappointing.

Price: £505 (£870 at time of review)

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