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Best Mobile FPS Games


Bioshock iOS

A guide to the best FPS games currently available on the Google Play and iOS app stores

Time was, first-person shooter aficionados balked at the idea of the genre ever graduating away from the mouse and keyboard set up of the PC onto the more user friendly approach of consoles. “It won't work,” they crowed. “You just can't get the level of control you need from a game pad.” Then Halo came along, everyone had a good time, and those descenting voices mysteriously went quiet.

There's been just as much objection – if not more so, in fact – to the idea of FPS games making smartphones and tablets a new regular port of call, too, though developers have been less willing to listen this time. Ever since the App Store rolled out in 2008 and Google Play arrived in 2012, studios have been working on either original shooters or remastering classics from other systems, and years later it's safe to say there are now quite a good few ones out there ready to be downloaded.

Which is why we've decided to put together our top ten to make life just a little bit easier for you. So, get onto the App Store or Google Play and start taking down those targets – we've got ten prime picks here for you to set your sights on.

Use our quick links to read more about a specific game:

Dead Trigger 2 - Madfinger Games

Dead Effect - Bulkypix

N.O.V.A. 3 - Gameloft

Bioshock - 2K Games

Call of Duty: Strike Team - Activision

Modern Combat 5: Blackout - Gameloft

Frontline Commando 2 - Glu Mobile

Midnight Star - Industrial Toys

Rage HD - id Software

Deus Ex: The Fall - Square Enix

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