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Best Laptop 2016 – 10 best laptops right now


New MacBook 9

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12-inch MacBook (2015)

Originally reviewed by Andy Vandervell 12 May 2015

Ultra-thin and light 12-inch laptop

Key features:
  • 12-inch, 2,304 x 1,440 display
  • Force Touch trackpad
  • New "butterfly" keys
The 12-inch MacBook 2015 is up there with the Dell XPS 13 2015 as one of the best-looking laptops on the market. It’s ludicrously thin and light, coming in at just 13.1mm thick and 923g, clad in aluminium, and comes in grey, silver and gold colour schemes. Annoyingly, Apple’s got rid of all ports apart from the headphone jack and a new USB-C connection, which means you’ll have to buy an adaptor if you want to charge the MacBook and use a USB drive at the same time.
The 12-inch, 2,304 x 1,440 ‘Retina’ display is sharp and vivid, and surrounded by impressively thin bezels. This means that, despite the upgrade in screen size, the new MacBook uses the same-sized frame as the 11-inch MacBook Air.
Instead of the traditional “scissor” motion, the MacBook’s keys use what Apple calls a “butterfly” motion. This means the buttons offer less travel than before, which takes some getting used to. They’re also rather noisy. The keyboard itself runs from edge to edge, and the keys are large and individually backlit. More striking still is the new Force Touch trackpad, which doesn’t move, but uses haptic feedback to imitate motion. It also behaves differently depending on how much pressure you push down with, and we love it.  
Unfortunately, power and speed has been downgraded. The Intel Core M processor inside delivers similar performance to a MacBook Air of three or four years ago. Battery life stands at the nine-hour mark, which should still get you through most of the day.
Price: £1,049 / $1,299

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