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Best Laptops 2014: 10 Best PCs and Macs to buy

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Asus Zenbook UX303LA

Originally reviewed by 12 October 2014

Best MacBook Air alternative

Key features:
  • 13.3-inch, 1,600 x 900 LCD screen
  • Intel Core i7-4500U CPU
  • 128GB SSD
Samsung and Sony may have decided to quit the laptop game, but there’s one company that’s still going strong on the computing front – Asus. Its Zenbook UX303LA is perhaps the most convincing alternative to the MacBook Air if you’re looking for something on the cheaper end of the Ultrabook scale. It costs just £700, which isn’t much for a metal-bodied laptop with a Core i7 processor. It’s an all-metal laptop too, not just the lid.

Rather like the MacBook Air, it’s the screen that lets the ZenBook down a bit. Resolution is lower than what you'd find in the top-end laptops and colour accuracy is quite poor. For graphics work, this won’t do, but with great 10-hour battery life to even things out, it’s a top choice for many.

Price: £699

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